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Well to start off to the left (or above if you are on the mobile site), is the eye behind all of what you see. I am Cameron Harley Alford, an aspiring young photographer that is a graduate of Gila Ridge High School Class of 2015. Currently I am now a resident in San Diego, CA pursuing a BA in Marketing. I recently launched my start up company Mineral Brand Co. which has taken up most of my life but it utilizes all of my creativity and I absolutely love it. School, work, take pictures, repeat.

How It Began

I picked up a family friends dslr camera in 2010, a Canon Rebel t2i to be exact, and after the first time I felt that shutter go off I was immediately hooked. I began to borrow it every other week until I started to feel bad... Then when I was fifteen years old when I decided it was time to get my own and really get into it. At the end of 2012 I got my first and very own dslr, a Canon 60D, which is currently the camera I still use to this day. It has been used and abused and I can't get enough of it. 


As for the business aspect of myself I started out taking a few portraits of some friends about two years ago in the early months of the year and posted them on Facebook and started to get positive feedback. This surprised me and got me thinking that I could actually turn skills I've learned with a camera into a business. I then got together with my cousin Matt, who happens to be really good with photoshop and anything to do with graphic design, he helped me create my first business card. Shortly after handing a couple of those cards out with pride It could not have felt any more legit than that. I kept pushing and began to start throwing myself out there and giving my information to people and taking pictures to get my work out there. Between my Savior Jesus Christ, friends, friends of friends, early Facebook exposure, and word to mouth I have made my dream come true. Photography and film-making is definitely my dream job as a young adult in high school/college, and any person out there with a passion for taking pictures and filming can do it. I may not be famous, but follow your dreams and do what you love!

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